Thursday, February 2, 2017

Clicksure is an International Company and therefore due to fluctuated Currency Exchanged Rate, the actual amount that appears on your credit card statement will be slightly different from your order amount.”

Of course, that amount will be remarkably higher than what you think you paid. Make sure you get an attorney that specializes in international law, particularly the two countries listed above.

It is almost impossible to tell what companies run out of Mauritius since they are a secrecy jurisdiction country that does not require that a company’s ownership be put on public record, among other nefarious practices.

Be very careful when looking for internet marketing products and search for the Clicksure logos, Clicksure Networks emblems or associations with any scam products and avoid them when you can.

Clicksure is such a disreputable scam company the most watchful credit card companies will alert you of fraudulent activity if they fly on their radar.

Some of the grievances lodged online include not only overcharging, but also declining commissions earned so ClickSure can keep the money, as well as other fraudulent practices

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